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Multiplacement Ad Strategy in Apple Search Ads

Discover the power of each ad placement on Apple Search Ads to maximize your campaign efficiency.

LIVE WEBINAR  |  July 19th  |  11:00 AM PST  |  2:00 PM EST

Alaaddin Yerturk_

Alaattin Yerturk

Customer Success Manager

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What's Inside:

  • New ad formats to expand your options on Apple Search Ads
  • Importance of brand campaigns on Apple Search Ads and how to implement brand campaigns by unlocking multiplacement ad strategy
  • Ad variations and custom product pages to boost your Apple Search Ads performance
  • The latest updates in regards to Today tab ads
  • Different placement strategies to test out for app marketers
*Please be advised that Apple Search Ads ‘Today tab’ ad placement format has been updated and all data and information shared in this live session may not accurately reflect the current structure.

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