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Free Forever plan helps you analyze competitors, discover the latest ad trends and automate campaign management, all in one platform.

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Group 184-1, scale your campaigns with an automated campaign management platform

Identify the keywords driving revenue and never waste money on low-performing campaigns. Set up automation rules to modify keywords and bids based on your conversion goals. See your ad campaign and revenue performance in one place.

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Find out how you stack up against your competitors.

Make use of our extensive keyword dataset to track any keyword, and let MobileAction perform your ASO competitor analysis. Compare the performance of your keywords with your competitors, and learn about your ranking performance.

Spy on your competitors’ in-app events

Find out how often and for how long your competitors are running in-app events. Discover what kind of creatives and visuals, and events are frequently preferred in your category. Unlock now your competitors are shaping their in-app event strategy for different storefronts.c

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MobileAction’s Free Forever Plan applies to:

  • Track 100 Keywords
  • Add 10 Apps & 10 Competitors
  • App Download & Revenue Estimates
  • Custom Alerts
  • Ad Intel (Limited)


  • Search Ads Intelligence *
  • Insights Center on Search Ads Platform *
  • Full Access to Search Ads Platform (30 Days) *
  • 1 Seat
      For * features, you should integrate your Apple Search Ads account.

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