Mobile User Acquisition After iOS 14.5

IDFA changes, what to expect, how to prepare

iOS 14.5 is almost here! Many app marketers have started to get prepared for the upcoming IDFA changes. Is your user acquisition strategy ready for the post-IDFA era?

yusuf headshot
headshot amed

Amit Peled

User Acquisition Manager

headshot petit

Thomas Petit

App Growth Consultant

headshot ofir

Ofir Pasternak

Founder & CEO

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In this panel, Amit Peled, User Acquisition Manager at Playtika, Ofir Pasternak, Founder & CEO at Persona.ly, Thomas Petit - Independent App Growth Consultant, and Yusuf Barutcu, Apple Search Ads Advisor at SearchAds.com have discussed how app marketers need to get prepared for IDFA Deprecation and their take on the future outlook of the mobile industry without the IDFA.

What we discussed: 

  • What has changed with iOS 14 already & upcoming changes

  • How to measure and optimize UA efforts

  • How to work with SKAdNetwork - pros & cons

  • Apple Search Ads after iOS 14.5
  • Strategies & recommendations for app marketers to operate in the post-IDFA world
  • Your burning IDFA questions



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