Mobile UA Creatives That Make People Click

Dive into the metrics that matter in measuring ad performance, understand the crucial role of competitor analysis, and stay updated with the latest trends in ad creative optimization.

LIVE WEBINAR  |  June 6th  |  11:00 AM PST  |  2:00 PM EST

Group 2830

Amir Ghodrati

VP of Product Marketing

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Group 2833-1

Antonio Gomez

Performance Marketing Manager

Admiral Media
Group 2832

Elizabeth Lauer-Lopez

Head of Partner Success & Integrations

Group 2834-1

Joseph Iris

Director of ML Product

Group 2831

Doug Manson

Creative Director


What's Inside:

  • Latest trends in ad creatives
  • Formats & dimensions to experiment with
  • A/B testing for ad creatives & how to avoid creative fatigue
  • Why it's crucial to analyze your competitors
  • Performance measurement & MMM

Group 2819