Breaking Through In Competition: How To Be Successful In Hyper Casual Game Market?

Hyper casuals, the golden gooses in the mobile gaming ecosystem. Do you want your golden goose to dominate App Store, smash top charts and boost your growth?

September 28th | 10:00 AM EST, 04:00 PM CEST


The post-COVID world led people to spend more time on their smartphones, which naturally positively impacted the mobile gaming ecosystem. Recent data shows that the hyper casual game category is getting more competitive daily.

Join the industry experts from and Voodoo in a live session to learn the strategies that will make your mobile game take off!

What you'll learn:

  • Current market structure of the hyper casual game category
  • Key takeaways from's Hyper Casual Benchmark Report
  • Metrics and components to focus on paid and organic user acquisition efforts for mobile gaming marketers
  • Strategies for outsized growth such as targeting, channel mix and creative optimization